Me vs. God

It’s so hard to get over the fact that a religious man would believe blindly in God but he just couldn’t believe in …..Us…. I think these 2 letters are holding much more. When it comes to pure love of a Person who would have been there for him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health … and he throw this gift away.
I CAN be there, I CAN answer … God won’t do anything and yet he is still loyal to him. I couldn’t be any more of an atheist as I am now…
That’s just an other good example for the weakness of religious people who can’t handle their own existence in this world of imperfect humans. Real strength is to be able to open up for someone and fight for that person… fight for your family… till the END. Believing in God is just a temporary shelter but at the end these people will be lonely and unprepared. Children under the blanket of ignorance.
I won’t be someone’s second any more especially if the first one is imaginary… the whole thing is ridiculous. Not even worth a post… but still… billions of people bow to this nonsense.
The power and the ability was always in our hands … all along…

warrior 4 by ~wlop
Blind Girl…
by Tan-Art
Blind Angel
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