"The things we fear the most
have already happened to us"
Pain (via Hantis)
hornygaymom whispered: It occurs to me that I don't know too much about you, yet your blog is my favorite out of all the ones I follow. What is your greatest fear?

:D I can’t tell u what it means for me… especially from U :P :D :P My biggest fear was never receiving this letter or yours :P … no … seriously my greatest fear is … is … hmmm… being forgotten maybe … don’t leave anything behind … …. or simply just dissected alive :S :P … or seeing my mother dissected alive … :P :D :/

 Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to get to know u better :)

Anonymous whispered: 1?

Meaning behind my URL :

The very old french word ‘hantise' means : obsession, obsessed, haunted, dread, fear and even nightmare :P

U probably know that I’m writing a fantasy book. In this book one of my main character’s name is Hantis (I cut the ‘E’ cos …why not cut it?! :D ) All of these main characters r from my own soul so I have at least 5 names :D


dark spirit
by JJURON on deviantart
decran-deactivated20121021 whispered: waazaaaaaaaaaa! and not only to hantis but also to "the others". i wanna make their little strange crowns shine! :D 6, 23, 27, 28

Yeah Decran :D U r one of the 3  :P :))))))

6 - Yes, I want a tattoo to my left shoulder. A good friend of mine who draws me whatever I ask for and we are working in this projekt for a while :) It would be something like this ;) 


23 - Ever been in a physical fight? …well … I have a sister but I know that’s not that kind of fight u’r interested in… I once hit a other boy and I’ve been hit as well but that was it… nothing serious :D I’m more likely to fight with words. My real strength is my brain :P I can easily defeat my enemies without their noticing it :D

27 - Fears : being forgotten, dissected alive, total silence, not having a child … and so on….

28 - Last thing that made you cry? XDXDXD I’m pretty sure it was a Grey’s Anatomy episode XDXDXD 

Thx for the qs :) :))))))))) 

"Monsters are real, ghosts are real too.
They live inside us and sometimes they win."
— Stephen King
Silent Hill’s Heather by artist Pekepek
Tokyo Shinjuu on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/29778091