I have to admit that one of my biggest fears now is to love him the wrong person for ever too long.

"The things we fear the most
have already happened to us"
Pain (via Hantis)
hornygaymom whispered: It occurs to me that I don't know too much about you, yet your blog is my favorite out of all the ones I follow. What is your greatest fear?

:D I can’t tell u what it means for me… especially from U :P :D :P My biggest fear was never receiving this letter or yours :P … no … seriously my greatest fear is … is … hmmm… being forgotten maybe … don’t leave anything behind … …. or simply just dissected alive :S :P … or seeing my mother dissected alive … :P :D :/

 Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to get to know u better :)

Anonymous whispered: 1?

Meaning behind my URL :

The very old french word ‘hantise' means : obsession, obsessed, haunted, dread, fear and even nightmare :P

U probably know that I’m writing a fantasy book. In this book one of my main character’s name is Hantis (I cut the ‘E’ cos …why not cut it?! :D ) All of these main characters r from my own soul so I have at least 5 names :D


dark spirit
by JJURON on deviantart
decran-deactivated20121021 whispered: waazaaaaaaaaaa! and not only to hantis but also to "the others". i wanna make their little strange crowns shine! :D 6, 23, 27, 28

Yeah Decran :D U r one of the 3  :P :))))))

6 - Yes, I want a tattoo to my left shoulder. A good friend of mine who draws me whatever I ask for and we are working in this projekt for a while :) It would be something like this ;) 


23 - Ever been in a physical fight? …well … I have a sister but I know that’s not that kind of fight u’r interested in… I once hit a other boy and I’ve been hit as well but that was it… nothing serious :D I’m more likely to fight with words. My real strength is my brain :P I can easily defeat my enemies without their noticing it :D

27 - Fears : being forgotten, dissected alive, total silence, not having a child … and so on….

28 - Last thing that made you cry? XDXDXD I’m pretty sure it was a Grey’s Anatomy episode XDXDXD 

Thx for the qs :) :))))))))) 

"Monsters are real, ghosts are real too.
They live inside us and sometimes they win."
— Stephen King
Silent Hill’s Heather by artist Pekepek